Exports and goals of the group

Exports are one of the most important pillars of the economy and trade and show the positive economic balance of a country and an active and successful economic group, so we decided to form a smart, young and highly educated team with a lot of strength and perseverance. Achieve this great goal and connect with international markets. Our group started its activity in the field of trade in 2016 and after gaining experience, Saran Gostar Hywad business group in the field of export and import was officially established in 2019. we did.So far, we have entered the field of trade by intelligently researching real and potential regional and global markets and understanding the needs and trends of these markets, and by forming a reliable global supply chain using relevant global standards. Creating a value chain to create responsible and responsible satisfaction for our customers around the world;Our motto and effort: Understanding the daily needs of customers, meeting these needs with satisfaction and of course with responsibility, and we continue to emphasize this lofty goal.We believe that our greatest asset is good customer trust and satisfaction with the quality of the products we have prepared and shipped for them, and we have always tried to use valuable and informative feedback from customers and end users to update our products. Reduce shortcomings and increase satisfaction.

We have always been more than one manufacturer and supplier and have always been a reliable consultant to our customers.In the export menu, you can get acquainted with the wide range of goods and services that we offer and export.We also ask you to let us know your feedback in order to improve the quality of the product.