FSSC 22000 certificate

What is FSSC 22000 certification and how to obtain FSSC 22000 certification? FSSC 22000 is called the Food Safety Management System. FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification is an international certification scheme based on a combination of ISO 22000 and FSSC safety requirements issued by ISO certification bodies.FSSC 22000 requirements are developed and published by the GFSI Accreditation Association. Therefore, ISO certification bodies must be GFSI accredited to be certified by FSSC 22000.

What is FSSC 22000?

Definition of FSSC 22000: FSSC 22000 is a food safety management certification scheme administered by the FSSC 22000 Foundation. The FSSC 22000 Standard Association is governed by an independent shareholder board consisting of representatives from several sectors in the food industry. FSSC 22000 is used to control food safety hazards.Food Safety Certification Requirements Provides a rigorous system for managing food safety hazards and providing safe products for use by food industry companies.FSSC 22000 is a recognized GFSI food safety certification . This will allow your customers to have confidence in your food safety plan and know that you have a strict food safety system in place.

GFSI Food Safety Initiative:

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) has been fully integrated into FSSC 22000 since 2010 by meeting the requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmark. The GFSI diagnosis shows that this plan has the highest standards in the world and leads to the international acceptance of the food industry. In addition, the FSSC 22000 scheme is widely accepted by reputable institutions around the world and supported by essential stakeholders such as Food Drink Europe (FDE) and the Consumer Brands Association (CBA).

The FSSC 22000 sets out the requirements for certification bodies, reputable institutions and training organizations to develop and implement their operations for auditing and certification of organizations’ food safety management systems throughout the food supply chain. The issued certificate confirms that the organization’s food safety management system complies with the requirements of the plan and the organization can maintain compliance with these requirements.

What is the scope of application of FSSC 22000 for what products?

  • Perishable animal food products (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products)
  • Perishable plant products (such as fresh fruits, juices, canned fruits, fresh and stored vegetables)
  • Products with long life in the environment (such as: canned products, biscuits, snacks, flour, sugar, salt, drinking water, fruit juices, oils, etc.)
  • Biochemistry (eg vitamins, additives and biologicals) but other than technical assistance.

Why should I get FSSC 22000 certification?

FSSC 22000 is recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) as well as other food safety schemes such as the BRC or IFS by international associations. The certification scheme belongs to the Food Safety Certification Foundation.FSSC 22000 was developed to meet customer demand for an identifiable standard by which a food safety management system can be controlled and verified. FSSC 22000 guarantees the certification of food safety systems, which guarantee the safety of products during the initial production of animal products, the production of perishable plant products, long-lasting products and other foods such as additives.FSSC 22000 certification for foodstuffs, including vitamins and biocultures, animal feed and feed production and food packaging production, and most recently food preparation services, retail and wholesale, transportation and storage; Is required.

FSSC 22000 Certification Issuer Reference:

Contrary to what employers think, ISO 22000 certification is completely different from FSSC 22000 certification. ISO 22000 certification is issued by the ISO certification body and the ISO 22000 standard has been developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). FSSC 22000 certification developed and published by the GFSI Food Safety Initiative. The issuing body of the FSSC 22000 certification is the same ISO issuing authority, except that the issuing body must be approved by the GFSI Association.